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Sunlight Centre for Research and Development, 14 & 16 Agricola Street,Opposite U.I 2nd Gate,Ibadan is yet pursuing the translation of some of its books and research findings to Igbo,Hausa and  Yoruba Languages  for their vital and timely messages to reach a wider circle of Nigerians.

About Prof. Wale Oyemakinde (President))

 The author, Professor Wale Oyemakinde ,Bachelor of Arts of the University of Ibadan, Master of Science,(Economics),of the University of Wisconsin, Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Ibadan, Fellow of the Historical Society  of Nigeria and Aare-Ago Baroyin of Ibadanland, has written many scholarly books and learned articles in the area of Economic History. Desiring to be a world-class expert in Political Economy with unrepentant commitment to local relevance ,he got one of his books,titled Strategies for Revamping the Nigerian Economy translated to Yoruba Language as Akitiyan Fun Igbe Dide Oro Aje Naijiria (Click here to Read More)

Corporate Profile For Sunlight Centre for Research &Development


                                                CORPORATE PROFILE

 VISION: To be an institution of reference in the provision of result based advice on all facets of human existence.

 MISSION: Providing result based Scholarship, Research and Development initiatives and Consultancy Services for Sustainable Development concerning economic, social, political, cultural and scientific endeavours.


OUR MANDATE: Beginning as Sunlight Institute for Policy Studies much earlier, Sunlight Centre for Research and Development was incorporated on 14th February 2013 in pursuit of the vision of the founding President, Professor Wale Oyemakinde, to provide a platform for Research and Knowledge Sharing for transformation and repositioning for sustainable development of the Nigerian and Global economy and the enhancement of the well-being of the totality of human existence.



 1. To Promote Research and Development

 2. To undertake commissioned studies and mount Lectures and Seminars

 3. To Publish relevant materials in books and occasional papers

 4. To teach, train, equip and facilitate the rendering of result based research and advisory services

 5. To enhance Research and Development for the use of individuals, Organizations, Institutions, Governments, National and International Development Agencies.

 6. The provision of result based consultancy services and cherished wisdom on Research and Development for Sustainable Development

 7. To Develop human capital with research findings among Academics and Organisational Settings

 8. To unite researchers and learners worldwide and making the sharing of knowledge and research experiences easier in the research world





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